Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller / Liddy Scheffknecht / Armin B. Wagner / Claudia Larcher (from PLINQUE) Christian Ruschitzka / Sasha Pirker / Bernd Oppl / Dejan Kaludjerovic / Manuela Mark

26.02.2011 - 27.03.2011

Elastic Video stretches the concepts of current and traditional trends in multimedia art and presents the artworks as a collective video installation.

In their short film Invasion, Hanakam & Schuller focus on the apparatus in cinema theory. Dejan Kaludjerovic evokes an uncanny atmosphere by projecting a filmed person directly onto the floor. Claudia Larcher's surrealistic and site-specific Video animation Hongo, produced especially for this show, plays with architectural construction and the gaze of the spectator in the exhibition space. In her installation Manuela Mark refers to the tradition of origami. Her work, in which she combines washi, a Japanese paper and digital technology, is a meditative and joyful research of space and our perception of light. Bernd Oppl shows a model of a room vehemently shaken by an electric motor. The interior of the room is filmed in such a way that it appears completely static while four black balls inside the room move without any perceptible rules. Liddy Scheffknecht probes in her work the borders between photography and the moving image by projecting a video animation on a photograph. Armin Wagner's artwork is a reconfiguration of shop-worn gimmickry, questioning current trends of faked three-dimensionality and multi-perspectivity.