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Safe European Home (2013)

Exhibition Safe European Home Gallery KCB Belgrade's Cultural Center

Exhibition @Gallery KCB, Belgrade’s Cultural Center
from 14th of November 2012
Sinisa Ilic (SRB), Dejan Kaludjerovic (SRB/AT), Aleksandar Macasev (SRB/USA), Nikoleta Markovic (SRB/HR)
Curated by Marina Martic
Title of this exhibition is borrowed from the song Safe European home (1978) by British band The Clash. This song is an ironic comment on the ideological stereotype of safe, opulent society based on economic prosperity and concern for human rights.
More than thirty years latter, revision of European project become one of the most common motifs in contemporary theory, but also in popular culture and contemporary art. The most often posed question is if the discourse of European identity has an ideological role, are “European values” just a euphemism used in order to legitimize policy of discrimination, intolerance and repression. In his article Europe is a dead political project, French philosopher Etienne Balibar anticipates that the next phase of European disintegration will be characterized by racisms, xenophobia and violence. In Serbia, however, it is noticeable that European concept is excepted as an ideological stereotype, and is rarely critically questioned or revised.
The aim of this exhibition is to initiate critical dialog about that stereotypical perception of European concept.
During the exhibition there will be several debates and round tables, as well as the publication that will be presented at the opening. www.kcb.org.rs