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OPENING / Croatian Pavilion at the 60th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia / Vlatka Horvat: By the Means at Hand / April 19, 2024

April 20, 2024 till November 24, 2024

I am honored to be invited by artist Vlatka Horvat to contribute to this amazing and important project “By the Means at Hand”, curated by Antonia Majaca with one work of mine.

Dejan Kaludjerović
Foreigners Spirits (from the series “Conversations” – statement by Nikita, 8-year-old-boy, Ukraine), 2024.
carbon paper transfer, graphite and colored pencils on paper
29.7 x 42 cm

The series Conversations is a research-based project, culminating as a kind of overview of multi-year research and production. Between the years 2013 and 2024, Kaludjerović interviewed children (7-10 years old) from different socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds with a set of simple but provocative questions.

Official opening: April 19, 2024 at 3 pm

Location: Fàbrica 33 (corner of Calle Larga dei Boteri and Calle Ruzzini), Cannaregio 5063
Vaporetto station: Fondamente Nove

Engaging with the theme of Adriano Pedrosa’s main exhibition for the Venice Biennale, Stranieri Ovunque—Foreigners EverywhereVlatka Horvat’s project for the Croatian Pavilion, curated by Antonia Majaca, exists as an accumulative exhibition of artworks by a wide-ranging group of international artists living as “foreigners,” reflecting on questions and urgencies of the diasporic experience.
For the exhibition, Horvat is inviting artists living in diaspora all over the world to engage in a series of reciprocal exchanges of artworks and other materials, all of which are sent between Venice and other places by improvised means, with the help of various friends, acquaintances and even strangers travelling to Venice, who are enlisted as informal couriers for the project.


Translating Worlds at Depo Istanbul

November 29, 2023 till January 27, 2024

The exhibition is organized in the framework of the Retracing Connections research project, based at Uppsala University and the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul and focuses on the stories that travelled between different medieval languages. Taking this project’s focus as a notional basis, the exhibition will engage with wider questions of translation, cultural transmission and storytelling. This will be done by using medieval texts on/in translation, as well as concepts from translation studies, to either reinterpret the existing works of contemporary art or inspire new ones.

This international group exhibition will present artworks from fourteen acclaimed and upcoming artists from countries including Turkey, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Georgia, Chechia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq and the USA.

Mercedes Azpilicueta • Annabelle Binnerts • Allora & Calzadilla • Alev Ersan • Setareh Fatehi • Fikos • Dejan Kaludjerović • Lucie Kamuswekera • Stephanie Misa • Rehan Miskci • Slavs and Tatars • Walid Siti • Lika Tarkhan-Mouravi • Dilek Winchester 

Curated by Nilüfer Sasmazer and Milan Vukasinović

*Dejan Kaludjerović’ participation is also supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Istanbul and Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Dejan Kaludjerović • I Don’t Know That Word… Yet at Whitechapel Gallery

  • Zilkha Auditorium (Sunday – Wednesday only)

Whitechapel Gallery
77-82 Whitechapel High Street
E1 7QX


Dejan Kaludjerović
three songs from the opera performance
I Don’t Know That Word …Yet, 2022, 

Artists’ Film International 2023 presents from Sunday – Wednesday every week 10 films in the Gallery’s auditorium for you to enjoy.

Selected by the global partners of the Artists’ Film International project, this 2023 programme of films delves into the theme of Diaspora. Alongside R.I.P. Germain’s (@ripgermain) Everything’s For Sale & Everyone’s Welcome To Buy (2023), selected by Whitechapel Gallery, the programme includes:

Dejan Kaludjerović (@studio_dk_dejan_kaludjerovic), House-They-Europe, 2022/3.
This film features three songs from Kaludjerović’s opera “I Don’t Know That Word… Yet”, which draws on conversations with children about their lives, dreams and fears.

Mochu’s film from 2022 looks at online subcultures premised on rapid technological acceleration and imperialist nostalgia, and their weird affinities with anti-rationalist ideas in the public sphere.

Ottonella Mocellin (@hottonella) and Nicola Pellegrini (@nicolapellegrini), Alphabet. The space between us and the unknown, 2021.
This film documents a visionary journey in which a boat is sailing through the city, circumnavigating the perimeter of what was once West Berlin, mapping thus the trace of the Berlin Wall.

Michelle Deignan (@michelledeignan), Looking for Gary, 2018.
Michelle Deignan takes a film crew to Essex Road (actor and musician Gary Kemp’s old stomping ground) in Islington, London, to search for a new Gary to replace him.

Also in the programme:
Damir Avdagić, Prolazi izmedju 1980–2021 [Passages between 1980–2021], 2021
Jesse Chun, O dust, 2022–23
Sashko Protyah (Freefilmers collective), My Favourite Job, 2022
Liv Schulman, A somatic play (Aduaneras), 2019
Adnan Softić and Nina Softić, Ships with goods and materials from all over the world bump the Bibby Challenge with their waves, 2020

Dejan Kaludjerović • I Don’t Know That Word… Yet

09.12.2022-14.01.2023, 12:00-20:00

Art Gallery – Cultural Centre of Belgrade
Knez Mihailova 6
Opening: December 9, 2022, at 19:00
9. 12. 2022 – 14. 1. 2023


Friday, 16 December at 6 p.m.
A guided tour through the exhibition in the Art gallery with Vladimir Bjeličić, catalogue text author


I Don’t Know That Word… Yet
Dejan Kaludjerović

In the past decade, Dejan Kaludjerović has been working on the research project Conversations, through collaboration with children aged seven to ten from eight world cities. The project has had several iterations and involved different media (video/audio installation, object, photography, site-specific).

The latest edition of Conversation is based on the opera Conversations: I Don’t Know That Word… Yet, which was performed in 2021 in Graz, as part of the prestigious Steirischer Herbst Festival, in a complex collaboration with composer Marija Balubdžić, playwright Tanja Šljivar, director Bojan Đorđev and performers Zoja Borovčanin, Lisa Cristelli, Christoph Gerhardus and Sebastian Hiti.

This time, at the Fine Arts Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, the artist presents a new work – I Don’t Know That Word… Yet (2022), a five-channel ambient audio-video installation, constructing a dialogue among sound, digitally generated images and the physical presence of the viewer. The juxtaposition of two planes – the changing background made of frames that the artist shot especially for this work and a series of four screens with individual projections of the performers – creates an immersive environment.

The setting in the gallery space can also be seen as a backdrop within which – with the help of children’s voices embodied in the characters of performers and certain objects such as props – a unique ephemeral order is built anew through viewers’ interaction with the found scene.

Dejan Kaludjerović
I Don’t Know That Word… Yet (2022)
five-channel-HD video, five-channel sound installation, wood, acrylic paint, 53 min 03 sec

*the video is based on the opera performance Conversations: I Don’t Know That Word… Yet (2021) that was done in collaboration with Marija Balubdžić, Bojan Đorđev and Tanja Šljivar and commissioned by steirischer herbst 21

Performers: Zoja Borovčanin, Lisa Cristelli, Christoph Gerhardus, Sebastian Hiti
Conception and visual creation: Dejan Kaludjerović
Directed by Dejan Kaludjerović
Editing: Dejan Kaludjerović, Flavia Mudesto
Music: Marija Balubdžić
Libretto: Tanja Šjivar, based on Dejan Kaludjerović’s scripts originating from his interviews with children from Baku, Bel- grade, Graz, Jerusalem, Ljubljana, Tehran, Vienna, and Vladikavkaz, used in the work Conversations he has been producing since 2013
Costumes: Vesna Kracanović
Sound: audiotope studios (Andreas Kapfer and Stefan Könighofer)

With the kind support:
The Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade, the Austrian Federal Chancellery and the City of Vienna
City of Belgrade, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia


Saturday, 19 NOV 2022 – Friday, 25 NOV 2022 – daily: 13:00-19:00

A condemned office building becomes the exhibition venue of the VIENNA ART WEEK and thus a unique creative experimental space. On three floors and a total of 1,000 m2, around 40 national and international artists and performers question existing orders, canons and systems and invite us to reconsider our own opinions and ideas.

Arbit City Group • Cana Bilir-Meier • Ting-Jung Chen • Decolonizing in Vienna • Rah Eleh • Köken Ergun • Shepard Fairy • Coco Fusco • Regina José Galindo • Guerrilla Girls • Enrique Ježik • Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo • Dejan Kaludjerović • Nadine Lemke • Anna Lerchbaumer • Ernst Lima • Roberta Lima • Monica C. LoCascio • Manu Luksch • Jenny Marketou • Ryts Monet • Yoshinori Niwa • Mirabella Paidamwoyo Dziruni • Mai-Thu Perret • Christiane Peschek • Lisl Ponger • Arnold Reinthaler • Stefan Reiterer • Oliver Ressler • Pipilotti Rist • Maria Schneider • Mithu Sen • Gerald Straub • The Yes Men • Tom Waibel • Christina Werner • Daniel Zaman

Curated by Robert Punkenhofer and Julia Hartmann.

BB10 – Everybody Deserves to Challenge Pop Culture  

BUCHAREST BIENNALE 10 is scheduled to take place starting May 26 – July 03 2022 and it is curated by JARVIS, the first AI curator in history using as venues AR and VR.

Conversations: I don’t know that word… yet
– opera performance –

Dejan Kaludjerović
in collaboration with Marija Balubdžić, Bojan Djordjev and Tanja Šljivar


Commissioned by steirischer herbst ’21

DEJAN KALUDJEROVIĆ: umm, otherwise I don’t really know

curated by Maja Hodošček

Center for Contemprary Arts Celje, Likovni salon Gallery
Opening day: Friday  14. May 2021, 11am – 6pm
Center for Contemporary Arts Likovni salon Gallery
Trg celjskih knezov 9, 3000 Celje, Slovenia

More about the exhibition you can find here

Exhibition is on until:  21. June 2021,
Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, Monday and for holidays closed.

Website: Center for Contemporary Arts


curated by Goschka Gawlik | Siggi Hofer

Kunstverein Schattendorf
Opening on Saturday  3. October 2020, at 3pm
Kunstverein Schattendorf, Baumgartnerstr. 2, 7022 Schattendorf

Shuttle-bus for the opening:
2pm Felberstr. t Westbahnhof, vis à vis Hotel Mercure,
6pm Return to Vienna (10 Euro)

Registration: kunstverein@schattendorf.com

Exhibition is on until:  1. November 2020,
Friday 3—8pm,
Saturday 10am—6pm,
Sunday 10am—4pm

Website: Kunstverein Schattendorf
Follow us: Facebook and Instagram

PANTS ON FIRE. Art and other fictions.

Krinzinger Projekte.

Opening Thursday, June 4th, 5-7pm, Curator’s walkthrough at 6 pm, Exhibition until June 17t

Matthew Buckingham (tbc), Kaja Clara Joo, Dejan Kaludjerović, Marlene Lahmer, Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza, Nazanin Mehraein, Lara Reichmann, Hector Schofield, Nedko Solakov, Kai Trausenegger, Kay Walkowiak, Ramiro Wong.

A Project by Klaus Speidel supported by TransArts / DieAngewandte

Further curator’s walkthrough’s Friday, June 5th, 4 pm; Saturday, June 6th, 2 pm, during Open Days von DieGalerien.

 “Liar, liar, pants on fire” is what English children chant when they want to accuse their peers of dishonesty. Online, many a politician’s trousers have been symbolically set on fire. But if liars’ pants really caught fire, would artists get away unscathed?

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, a famous quote attributed to an infamous propaganda genius, can hardly save the artist’s ass. But is make-believe, a central means of children’s games and art production, the same as lying? Opinions diverge: Plato was not amused and decided to kick the artists out of his imaginary ideal republic. Aristotle made imitation his ideal of learning.

When Joseph Beuys plummeted from the sky in World War II, was saved by nomads only to embark on a miraculous journey to renew art, few people knew that the starting point was at best a fever dream and at worst a bloody lie. But who prefers the boring truth to a dazzling artist figure?

Not only the most deliberate artist myth creations underline the art world’s intricate relationship to the semi-true. Artists create fictions, ask for the voluntary suspension of disbelief, and question what can be asserted. This is what Pants on fire. Art and other fictions is about. Not truth or lie, but blurry pictures of things that (never) happened.

Reflections of Our Time: Acquisitions by the Museum of Contemporary Art 1993-2019

Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade

20.06. 2020 – 31. 12. 2020

curators: Mišela Blanuša, Rajka Bošković, Svetlana Mitić, Žaklina Ratković

Open Studio Days – Vienna Art Week 2019 

OPEN STUDIO DAYS are a great opportunity to look behind the scenes of art production, inhale the atmosphere of art studios, and engage in conversation with artists. On the weekend from 16 to 17 November, some artists will open their ateliers to public visitors from 3 to 6 pm.


Waschhalle Wienerberg, Vienna (group)

Opening 04.10.2019 at 6 pm

Corner Wienerbergstraße/Fliederhof, 1100 Vienna

Exhibition duration: October 5 – 30, 2019

Tuesday – Friday 5pm – 7pm
Sat 2 – 5 pm


Vienna is the city with contested cultural heritage: under the burden of traumatic political changes, the urban topologies have been transformed many times. As a part of Red Vienna’s city planning, a newly established Gemeinde Bau was named in honour of Italian socialist Giacomo Matteotti (1926) in order to celebrate the international antifashist solidarity. Matteotti, socialist politician, who gave a speech in the Italian Parliament denouncing faschist violence, was assassinated in a short while after it.

Contesting the complex problematics of heritagization – the process through which objects, practices and places are attached with values and transformed into heritage, artist Dejan Kaludjerović refers to this particular historical case in his newly produced artwork. Taking courage not to follow the method of monumentalisation, which often freeze the work of memory, Kaludjerović questions what might be the real face of faschism today. On the contrary, he creates the confrontational situation of looking straight into the eyes: black-and-white embroidered portrait of the unknown person appears to be the face of a faschist hitman and the leader of the group, who has kidnapped and killed Matteotti in 1924.

Presenting the embroidery that is done by the artist, his partner and friends, at the backdrop of red painted canvas, Kaludjerović examines the overwritten and blurred layers of history.

The canvas, plain red from the distance, appears to include pages from historical socialist proletarian press of the 1920s, reporting on fashist violence, as well as the notes of “Bella Ciao”, the song of struggle. Connecting the notions of populism, kitsch aesthetic forms and contemporary vortex of political ideologies, the artist invites to think about our own relation to the historical process, the position of a subject within it, as well as recurring forms of oppression and struggle.


Algorithms of Child Play

Bildraum 07, Vienna AT (solo)

What happens to poetry and symbolism in an exhibition of contemporary art when curators and studio visits are outsourced to intelligent machines? What happens when the artist is completely cut off from constructing the curatorial frame around the works in his exhibition?

Algorithms of Child Play is a flash retrospective of Dejan Klaudjerović’s works at Bildraum 07 Gallery conceived as if organized exclusively by algorithms, that is by making modifications to existing digital tools for interpreting and organizing existing text and images about the artist online. Consisted of existing works by the Klaudjerović, the exhibition is a collaborative attempt by the artist and Berlin-based critic, curator and writer Mohammad Salemy to imagine a solo exhibition completely from the position of a non-human external observer with only digital access to works and their context. The exhibition will examine if it is possible to arrive at an algorithmically organized and aesthetically/socially relevant exhibition given the methodology of the artist particularly his focus on the world of children and the role that play and self representational narratives play in the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Algorithms of Child Play is sponsored by The New Centre for Research & Practice and MA7.

Long Live The War!
59. Poreč Annals, Poreč, HR (group)
13.06.2019 – 15.09.2019

Aernout Mik, Baran Çağinli, Zev Asher, Andreja Kulunčić, Antun Maračić, Pavo Urban, Ivan Faktor, Armina Pilav i Ana Dana Beroš, Lana Čmajčanin i Igor Grubić, Ibro Hasanović, Adela Jušić, Driton Hajredini, Dejan Kaludjerović, Alban Muja, ŠKART: Đorđe Balmazović i Dragan Protić + Žene u crnom + Saša, Marko Marković, Hrvoje Polan, Slaven Tolj, Nermin Duraković.

Fragile Narratives
Memphis, Linz, AT (group)
05.- 27.06.2019

Katarina Burin, Nikolaus Gansterer, Benjamin Hugard, Dejan Kaludjerović, Michèle Pagel, Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza, Tom Schmelzer, Anneliese Schrenk, Nita Tandon

Another Day Another Life
Sabancı University’s Kasa Gallery, Istanbul, TR (group)
09.01 – 23.02. 2019

Dejan Kaludjerović, Ferhat Özgür, Knutte Wester

Art & Reconciliation: Conflict
Culture and Community, Kings College University, London, UK (group)
01.11 – 01. 12. 2018

Nicholas Cheeseman, Lana Čmajčanin and Adela Jušić, Paul Coldwell, Emma Elliot, Lola Frost, Ziyah Gafić, Melos Gashi, Havelt!, Dejan Kaludjerović, Milena Michalski, Vladimir Miladinović, Nela MIlić, Mladen Miljanović, Monica Petzal, Sabina Tanović and Dario Krstić, Artists from the Post-Conflict Research Center, Regent’s University students.

Dejan Kaludjerović is the winner of the award for artists working in Kosovo, part of the AHRC funded project Art and Reconciliation at Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina in collaboration with University of Arts London (UAL) and King’s College London.

„Löcher in der Wand“ Anachronische Annäherungen an die Gegenwart
opening: Wednesday , 7. February 2018, 7PM, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna

Kathi Hofer, Katrin Hornek, Dejan Kaludjerović, Tatiana Lecomte, Miklós Erhardt & Little Warsaw, Walid Raad, Vladislav Shapovalov,  Slavs and Tatars, Johanna Tinzl & Stefan Flunger, UBERMORGEN.COM
Curated by Gudrun Ratzinger
08.02. – 24.03. 2018

EUROPOLY – The European Union Identity Trading Game

Volkskunde Museum, Vienna, AT (solo)

15.12. 2017 – 12.01.2018

+Dejan Kaludjerović

Kunsthalle – Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden, DE (solo)

5.11. 2017 – 11.02. 2018

Bright Childhood – Evil childhood

Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden, DE (group)

5.11. 2017 – 11.02. 2018


AES+F, Carl Böker, Anton Braith, Karin Brosa, Albert Burkart, Michael Fetzer, Gregor Gaida, Gretel Haas-Gerber, Eckart Hahn, Wolfgang Kessler, Dejan Kaludjerović, Christian Landenberger, Max Liebermann, Carl Liebich, Tracey Moffatt, Robert Matthes, Maria Marshall, Erwin Olaf, Lisa-Marie Pfeffel, Hubertus Salentin, Theodor Schütz, Charlie Stein, Natascha Stellmach, Benjamin Vautier, Alfred Wais

Weltmuseum Wien, Vienna, AT

25.10. 2017 – 30. 09. 2018

Migration of Fear
KGLU, Slovenj Gradec, SL (group)

12.10. 2017 – 03. 12. 2017

Azra Akšamija, Nika Autor, Lana Čmajčanin, Petya Dimitrova, Dejan Kaludjerović, Daniela Kostova, Luiza Magran, Emil Mirazchiev, Alban Muja, Oliver Ressler, Škart, Kamen Stoyanov, Ute Richter, Borjana Ventzislavova, Clara Wildberger

Dejan Kaludjerović – 
Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta, IDN (artist talk)

15 July 2017

Dejan Kaludjerović was nominated for the 
MUMOK – Kapsch Contemporary Art Prize 2017

6th Athens Biennale­ — Klassenfahrt
Athens, GR (group)

9-11 April 2017

ONUFRI XXII Stranger Than Kindness
National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, AL (group)

15.12.2017 – 01.02.2018

Hamra Abba, Klodiana Aliaj, Luca Bolognesi, Guri Bulovari, Erik Bünger, Kajsa Dahlberg, Nico Dockx, Jakup Ferri, Urlika Ferm, Regina Jose Galindo, Rä di Martino, Dora Garcia, Manuela Garcia, Zllka Gjolesha, Khaled Hafez, Pablo Helguera, Dejan Kaludjerović, Ilir Lluka, Edson Luli, Christoph Milne, Haroon Mirza, Museo Aero Solar, Bruno Muzzolini, Ferhat Özgür, Klodin Pasku, Steve Piccolo, Leonard Qzlafi, Pipilotti Rist, Damien Roach, Karl Inger Roys, Anri Sala, Tomas Saraceno, Mariette Schiltz and Bert Theis, Ajran Shehaj, Bert Theis, Josephine Turalba, Esme Valk, Danielle Van Ark, Desmond Xhixha, Shingo Yoshida, Ergin Zaloshnja

Conversations: Jerusalem
Art Cube Artists’ Studios Jerusalem, IL (solo)

01.12. 2016 – 31.01.2017

Crises as Ideology?
KUNSTRAUM Nö, Vienna, AT (group)

10.06. – 23.07. 2016

Miklós Erhardt, Marianne Flotron, Anna Hofbauer, Vlatka Horvat, Dejan Kaludjerović, Ferhat Özgür, Markus Proschek, Seth Weiner

We Gave Our Best (…) To The Hope Chest: Vienna Edition
im Ersten, Vienna, AT (group)

16. – 24. Juni 2016

Maria Anwander, Johanna Braun, Thomas Ballhausen, Zoë Charlton, Mary Early, Rachael Gorchov, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Dejan Kaludjerović, Roberta Lima,  Maggie Michael, Muntean / Rosenblum, Michael Niemetz, Linus Riepler, José Ruiz, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Kelly Sena, Dan Steinhilber, Erwin Wurm 

After Show
Mo.ë Vienna
Thelemangasse 4/1-3, 1170 Vienna, Austria
18. Feb. 2016, 18h

Brishty Alam, Shayan Assadi, Christine Auinger, Sophie Dvorak, Georg Feierfeil, Sandra Fockenberger, Maria Grün, Paul Gründorfer, Cristóbal Hornito, Eva Kadlec | Dejan Kaludjerović, Michael Koch, Reka Kutas, Bianka Oravecz, Diana Peutl, Christine Schörkhuber, Franz Schubert, Axel Stockburger, Darren Sutton, Julia Tazreiter, Malin Walleser, Miel Wanka, Anna Watzinger, Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster, Hui Ye 

We Gave Our Best (…) To The Hope Chest: Los Angeles

Eastside International Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA (event)

opening: October 11th, 5-9PM

Maria Anwander, Johanna Braun, Thomas Ballhausen, Zoë Charlton, Mary Early, Rachael Gorchov, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Dejan Kaludjerović, Roberta Lima, Maggie Michael, Muntean / Rosenblum, Michael Niemetz, Linus Riepler, José Ruiz, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Kelly Sena, Dan Steinhilber, Erwin Wurm, Paul W. Evans, Kim Tucker, Jane O’Neill Steven Frost, Liz Nurenberg, Alice Lang, Emily Silver, Julio Panisello, William Bacarella 


Fiery Greetings, Representative portrait of the childhood in the Socialist Yugoslavia

Lothringer13 Halle, Munich, DE (group)

25. September – 13. Dezember 2015

Dušica Dražic, Dejan Kaludjerović, Irena Lagator Pejović, Mladen Miljanović, Renata Poljak, Dubravka Ugrešić, Grupa Škart, Ana Adamović 

Alanica. The Experimental Method, 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

Museum and Exhibition Center The Worker and the Kolkhoz Woman, Moscow, RU (group)

September 25 – October 23, 2015

Alisa Gokoeva, Temmo Kaganashi, Timur Musaev-Kagan, Maite Cajaraville, Tatiana Badanina, Vladimir Nasedkin, Kazbek Tedeev, Khaled Hafez, Emanuela Baldi, M.Pistoletto, Love&Difference, Ivan Egelsky, Mikhail Gulin, Sergey Bratkov, Magdi Mostafa, Umida Akhmedova, Taus Makhacheva, Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Yuri Vasiliev, Dejan Kaludjerović, Ferhat Özgür, Sabina Shikhlinskaya, Vladimir Migachev, Stanislav Kharin, Aslan Gaisumov,  Maria Marshall, Marko Marković, Onno Dierker, Alexander Ugay, Jamshed Kholikov, Aikaterini Gegisian, Damir Muratov, Yesim Agaoglu, Khoroshilova Anastasia, Ana Riaboshenko, Eugeny Granilshchikov, Homayoun Sirizi, Elmas Deniz, Nazrin Mammadova, Bouillon Group, Savage, Oscar Santillan, Anna Zholud, Aladdin Garunov

Mature and Angry

Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv – The Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, BG (group)

09.09 – 08. 10. 2015

Borjana Ventzislavova, Kamen Stoyanov, Vasilena Gankovska, Daniela Kostova, Oliver Ressler, Angelika Krinzinger, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Ivan Moudov, Olaf Osten, Susanne Schuda, Juliane Ebner, Miryana Todorova, Jos Diegel, Luiza Margan, Emil Mirachiev, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Nemanja Cvijanović, Dejan Kaludjerović 

We Gave Oor Best (…) To The Hope Chest: pop-up gallery Penelope

New York City US (group)

28. 08 – 12. 09. 2015

Maria Anwander, Johanna Braun, Thomas Ballhausen, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Dejan Kaludjerović, Roberta Lima, Muntean / Rosenblum, Michael Niemetz, Linus Riepler, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Kelly Sena, Erwin Wurm, Natalie Baxter, Rachael Gorchov, Angela Hoener, Siobhan Landry, Heidi Norton, Aiden Simon, Kate Steciw, Jamie Steele 

We Gave Oor Best (…) To The Hope Chest

Austrian Cultural Forum Washington D.C, US (group)

14. 09 – 25. 09. 2015

Maria Anwander, Johanna Braun, Thomas Ballhausen, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Dejan Kaludjerović, Roberta Lima, Muntean / Rosenblum, Michael Niemetz, Linus Riepler, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Kelly Sena, Erwin Wurm, Natalie Baxter, Rachael Gorchov, Angela Hoener, Siobhan Landry, Heidi Norton, Aiden Simon, Kate Steciw, Jamie Steele 

La Traverse – Centre d’art contemporain d’Alfotville, FR (group)

17. 09 – 21. 11. 2015

Lawrence Weiner, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Mounir Fatmi, Jonathan Monk, Dejan Kaludjerović, Sophie Bouvier-Ausländer, Viet Bang Pham, Lorenzo Puglis, Triny Prada, Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt, Aikaterini Gegisian, Pierre Petit, Feorgios Xenos 

Conversations: Iran

SAZMANAB – Centre for Contemporary Art, Tehran, IR (solo)

25.07 – 13. 08. 2015

Artist Residency

SAZMANAB – Centre for Contemporary Art, Tehran, IR

July 2015

Fairy Tales

Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, TW (group)

25. 04 – 14. 06. 2015

Lida Abdul, Said Atabekov, Mohamed Bourouissa, Chen Chieh-Jen, Cao Fei, Yang Fudong, , Cyprien Gaillard, Camille Henrot, Dejan Kaludjerović, Mari Kim, Kamin Lertchaiprasert, Taus Makhacheva, Almagul Menlibayeva, Mariko Mori, Ahmet Ögüt, Adrian Paci, The Propeller Group, Public Delivery, Wang Qingsong, Walid Raad, Cheng Ran & Item Idem, Taps & Moses, Guido van der Werve, Erwin Wurm, Miao Xiaochun

Sobering Galerie, Paris, FR (group)

16. 04 – 05. 05. 2015

Lawrence Weiner, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Jonathan Monk, Mounir Fatmi, Antoine Agoudjian, Dejan Kaludjerović, Sophie Bouvier-Ausländer, Viet Bang Pham, Lorenzo Puglis, Triny Prada, Davide Bertocchi, Michèle Sylvander, Özlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt, Aikaterini Gegisian 

Hidden Subjects: Parallax

Gallery Arte, Ankara, TR (group)

04. 04. – 30. 04. 2015

Hüseyin Arici,  Sevket Arik, Ali Boran, Servet Cihangiroglu, Deniz Cosar, Serkan Demir, Burcu Sultan Demir, Erdal Duman, Mustafa Duymaz, Eda Gecikmez, Khaled Hafez, Dejan Kaludjerović, Ferhat Özgür, Amin Simimaran, Fatih Tan, Emre Zeytinoglu

Bonton: Dobro Održavanje i Lepo Ponaašanje

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade, RS (group)

02.04 – 25.04.2015

Mrdjan Bajić, Natasa Kokić, Ana Krstić, Ivan Grubanov, Darinka Pop-Mitić, Paula Muhr, diSTRUCTURA, Mladen Bizumić, Dragoljub Raša Todosijević, Zoran Todorović, Mileta Prodanović, Dušica Dražić, Dubravka Sekulić, Vladan Caričić, Maja Rakočević Cvijanov, Vladimir Nikolić, Dejan Kaludjerović, Kiosk, Vladimir Miladinović, grupa Škart, Balint Sombati, Milica Tomić

Fiery Greetings: A representative portrayal of childhood in socialist Yugoslavia

Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, RS

28. 02 – 23. 04. 2015.


Dušica Dražić, Dejan Kaludjerović, Saša Karalić, Irena Lagator, Mladen Miljanović, Renata Poljak, ŠKART, Dubravka Ugrešić, Ana Adamović

Invisible Violence

Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, AT (group)

14.02. – 10.04.2015

Kader Attia, Itziar Barrio, Ursula Biemann, Rosella Biscotti & Kevin van Braak, Sarah Browne, Declan Clarke, Willie Doherty, Eva Engelbert & Katharina Schniebs, Harun Farocki, Daniel García Andújar, Eva Grubinger, Dejan Kaludjerović, Vladimir Miladinović, Locky Morris, Adrian Paci, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Garret Phelan, Nicola Radic Lucati, María Ruido, Francesc Ruiz 

Conversations: Azerbaijan

YAY Gallery – YARAT, Baku, AZ (solo)

27.11.2014 – 19.01.2015

The winners of the 55th October Salon Award are Dejan Kaludjerović and Meggy Rustamova. The price is awarded on the occasion of ‘Disappearing Things’ a group exhibition curated by Vanessa Joan Müller and Nicolaus Schafhausen for the 55th October Salon in Belgrade, Serbia, 2014.


Galleria Bianconi, Milan. IT (three-person)

3rd October – 3rd November 2014

Andrea Contin, Dejan Kaludjerović, Cheryl Pope

The Dignity of Man

The Brno House of Arts, Brno, CZ  (group)

24. 9 – 16. 11. 2014

Maja Bajević, Tanja Boukal, David Cerny, Matthias Herrmann, Anna Jermolaewa, Dejan Kaludjerović, Eva Kotaktova, Mladen Miljanović, Edin Numankadic, Gruppe Podebal, Corina Vetsch, Peter Weibel u.a.

Ferne Nähe – Contemporary Art from Middle-Europe and Danube Countries

Stift Lilienfeld, AT (group)

18.09 – 12.10.2014

Ana Adamović, Uli Aigner, Inge Dick. Robert Hammerstiel, Dejan Kaludjerović, Michael Lechner, Marco Lulić, Erwin Redl, Ivan Šuletić, Milica Tomić

<< Rewind. meditations on film and memory

Smac, Berlin

19.09.2014 – 28.09.2014

curators: Maria McConaghy and Charlotte Van Buylaere

Ana Adamović, Arnold Dreyblatt, Dejan Kaludjerović, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Jasper Rigole, Susan Youssef
Linienstraße 57

Disappearing Things – 55th October Salon Belgrade

Opening: September 19th , 2014

20.09. – 02.11.2014

curated by: Nicolaus Schafhausen and Vanessa Joan Müller

Federico Acal, Ana Adamović, Darko Aleksovski, Jelena Bokić, Igor Bošnjak, Edith Dekyndt, Simon Denny, Dušan Đorđević, Doplgenger (Isidora Ilić and Boško Prostran), Dušica Drazić,  Sandra Đukić, Liam Gillick, Jelena Marta Glišić, Ibro Hasanović, Informal Curatorial & Art Group (Sonja Vrkatić, Nikola Đorđević, Marko Đorđević), Leon Kahane, Dejan Kaludjerović, Luka Knežević – Strika, Susanne Kriemann, Boris Lukić, Marko Lulić, Nikola Marković, Milorad Mladenović, Andrea Palašti,  Goran Petrović, Danilo Prnjat, Mileta Prodanović,  David Pujado, Leonard Qylafi,  Meggy Rustamova, Pedrag Terzić, Dragana Žarevac


Artium – Basque Museum-Center of Contemporary Art – Vitoria, Spain

September 12th, 2014 to January 11th, 2015.
Curators: Zoran Eric, Blanca de la Torre and Seamus Kealy

Kader Attia, Itziar Barrio,  Ursula Biemann,  Rosella Biscotti-Kevin van Braak,  Sarah Browne, Declan Clarke, István Csákány, Willie Doherty, Harun Farocki, Daniel García Andújar, Dejan Kaludjerović, Vladimir Miladinović, Locky Morris, Adrian Paci, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Garret Phelan, Nicola Radić Lucati, María Ruido, Francesc Ruiz, Jonas Staal, Nedko Solakov, Zoran Todorović, Milica Tomić

Put za Evropu – Hocu da govorim o ratu
Voyage to Europe – I want to speak about the war

Galerija Klovicevi dvori, Zagreb

Curators: Mia David, Zorana Đaković Minitti

Radoš Antonijević, Janko Baljak, Boogie, Uroš Đurić, Siniša Ilić, Aleksandar Jestrović Jamesdin, Dejan Kaludjerović, Srđan Keča, Marko Lulić, Vladimir Miladinović, Mladen Miljanović,  Ana Nedeljković & Nikola Majdak Jr, Darinka Pop-Mitić, Reflektor-knjige za slušanje, Milica Tomić, Ibro Hasanović, Vlatka Horvat, Nemanja Cvijanović, Lana Čmajčanin i Adela Jušić

Galerija Klovicevi dvori
Jezuitski trg 4, Zagreb
4 – 26. 9. 2014.
Organized by the Cultural Centre of Belgrade
The project is dedicated to 100th anniversary of the WWI
Supported by: Umetnici/ Artists

Ljudsko dostojanstvo

National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo

opening: 28.6.2014 
29. 6 – 2. 8. 2014

Curators: Maja Abdomerović, Berthold Ecker, Roland Fink, Terezie Petišková, Jana Vránová

Maja Bajević, Tanja Boukal, David Cerny, Matthias Herrmann, Anna Jermolaewa, Dejan Kaludjerović, Eva Kotaktova, Mladen Miljanović, Edin Numankadic, Gruppe Podebal, Corina Vetsch, Peter Weibel u.a.


Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

9th of May – 30th of June 2014
Curators: Zoran Erić, Blanca de la Torre and Seamus Kealy

Kader Attia (FR), Itziar Barrio (ES/US), Ursula Biemann (CH), Rossella Biscotti (IT/NL) & Kevin van Braak (NL), Sarah Browne (IE), Declan Clarke (IE), István Csákány (EU), Willie Doherty (UK/IE), Harun Farocki (DE), Daniel García Andújar (ES), Dejan Kaludjerovic (RS/AT), Vladimir Miladinovic (RS), Locky Morris (UK/IE), Christodoulos Panayiotou (CY), Garrett Phelan (IE), Nikola Radic Lucati (RS), María Ruido (ES), Francesc Ruiz (ES), Fernando Sánchez Castillo (ES/NL), Jonas Staal (NL), Milica Tomic (RS) and Katarina Zdjelar (RS/NL)
Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

Altered Connections: Recent Art From Serbia

Cecille R. Hunt Gallery – Webster University, St.Louis, USA
21.03 2014 – 19.04.2014
Curator: Jeff Hughes

Dejan Kaludjerović, Tanja Ostojić, Vesna Pavlović, Ivan Petrović, Vahida Ramujkić, Zoran Todorović, Katarina Zdjelar


MUSA – Museum auf Abruf, Vienna

opening: 31.3.2014, 7PM

01.4.2014 – 31.5.2014

Curators: Maja Abdomerović, Berthold Ecker, Roland Fink, Terezie Petišková, Jana Vránová

Gordana Anđelić-Galić, Jiri Anderle, Maja Bajević, Tanja Boukal, Nin Brudermann, Margarete Cech-Munteanu, David Cerny, Vendula Chalankova, Christian Eisenberger, Manfred Erjautz, Matthias Herrmann, Lore Heuermann, Dagmar Hochova, Jochen Hoeller, Barbara Holub, Alfred Hrdlicka, Anna Jermolaewa, Dejan Kaludjerović, Johanna Kandl, Erfan Khalifa, Armin Klein, Marius Kotrba, Eva Kotatkova, Antonin Kratochvil, Olga Alia Krulisova, Marc Mer, Michail Michailov, Mladen Miljanović, Barbara Musil, Anna Musilova, Gregor Neuerer, Damir Nikšić,Eva Novakova, Edin Numankadic, Drago Peršić, Jiri Petrbok, Gruppe Podebal, Lisl Ponger, Arnold Reinthaler, Oliver Ressler, Gue Schmidt, Deborah Sengl, Milomir Kovacevič Strašni, Tsolak Topchyan, Borjana Ventzislavova, Corina Vetsch, Christian Wachter, Peter Weibel.

After all

Mahal, Çanakkale, Turkey

24.01 – 15.02. 2014
“Mahal Art Space”, supported by the Çanakkale Biennial

Çigdem Borucu, Amie Dicke, Nezaket Ekici, Róza El-Hassan, Dejan Kaludjerović, Emre Koyuncuoglu, Sitki Kosemen, Monali Meher, Mircea Nicolae, Daniele Pezzi, Sumer Sayin, Roland Stratmann, Adrien Tirtiaux, Johannes Vogl

Forum: “City, Active Citizenship, Arts and Culture”
Organized by European Cultural Association
Siemens Art, Istanbul, Turkey

11 September 2013

Eugen Panescu, Çaglar Keyder, Emre Koyuncuoglu

Mürteza Fidan, Emre Zeytinoglu, Johanna Reiner, Dejan Kaludjerović, Bahar Aksel, Elke Krasny,  Shams Asadi, Ata Ünal, Vittorio Urbani, Glenn Alteen, Seyhan Boztepe, Hülya Karakas, Isin Önol, Kevser Üstündag, Yesim Dizdaroglu, Vecdi Sayar, Yücel Canyaran


Siemens Art Gallery Istanbul

11th September – 13th November 2013


Atil Kunst, Adrien Tirtiaux, Shilpa Gupta, Mircea Nicolaeu, Maria Papadimitriou, collabor.at,
Roza El-Hassan, Dejan Kaludjerović, Monali Meher, Nezaket Ekici, Francis Alys, Ashley
Hunt, Sitki Kosemen, Cigdem Borucu, Amie Dicke, Emre Koyuncuglu, Metahaven, Daniele
Pezzi, Johannes Vogl, Roland Stratmann, Sumer Sayin, Berglind Hlynsdottir, XsentrikArts


7th International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Vladikafkaz, North Osetia, Russia

Painting / Installation / Objects / Sculpture / Photography / Video Art in Public Space
1 – 15 August 2013;

exhibition opening on 15 of August

Curator: Beral Madra

Dilara Akay (Turkey); Sophia Cherkezishvili (Georgia), Ivan Egelski (Russia), Alaadin Garunov(Dagestan) Aikaterini Gegisian (United Kingdom), Khaled Hafez (Egypt), Dejan Kaludjerović (Serbia/ Austria), Stas Kharin (North Ossetia-Alania), Taus Makhacheva (Dagestan), Natalia Mali (Dagestan), Marko Marković (Croatia), Mediterranean Carpet Project of Michelangelo Pistoletto (realized by Emanuella Baldi and Filippo Fabrica) (Italy) , Damir Muratov (Russia), Ferhat Özgür (Turkey), Rivka Rinn (Germany/Israel), Sabina Shikhlinskaya (Azerbaijan), Johannes Vogl (Germany) , Kazbek Tedeev(North Ossetia-Alania)

An enlarged social horizon will bring advantages /
Es wird Dir Vorteile einbringen, wenn Du Dein soziales Umfeld erweiterst

Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair and Dejan Kaludjerović with Selma Doborac and Milan Mladenović

opening 24 5 2013 @ 8pm
25 05 – 7 06 2013 8pm – midnight
Zirkusgasse 38, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Dejan Kaludjerović – The Future Belongs To Us?

Gallery Van De Weghe, Antwerp

01.February – 02. March 2013

opening: 31. January 2013
Gallery Van De Weghe
Pourbusstraat 5 – 2000 Antwerpen



Remont Gallery, Belgrade
15. january – 8. february 2013

curatos: Saša Janjić, Miroslav Karić and Slobodan Jovanović

Safe European Home 

Gallery KCB, Belgrade’s Cultural Center

from 14. 11. 2012

Sinisa Ilić (SRB), Dejan Kaludjerović (SRB/AT), Aleksandar Maćašev (SRB/USA), Nikoleta Marković (SRB/HR)


urated by Marina Martić

Title of this exhibition is borrowed from the song Safe European home (1978) by British band The Clash. This song is an ironic comment on the ideological stereotype of safe, opulent society based on economic prosperity and concern for human rights.
More than thirty years latter, revision of European project become one of the most common motifs in contemporary theory, but also in popular culture and contemporary art. The most often posed question is if the discourse of European identity has an ideological role, are “European values” just a euphemism used in order to legitimize policy of discrimination, intolerance and repression. In his article Europe is a dead political project, French philosopher Etienne Balibar anticipates that the next phase of European disintegration will be characterized by racisms, xenophobia and violence. In Serbia, however, it is noticeable that European concept is excepted as an ideological stereotype, and is rarely critically questioned or revised.
The aim of this exhibition is to initiate critical dialog about that stereotypical perception of European concept.
During the exhibition there will be several debates and round tables, as well as the publication that will be presented at the opening.

EUROPOLY – “The European Union Identity Trading Game”

Santa Maria delle Croci, Ravenna
in the frame of
Capitale Europea della cultura: il treno della candidatura
8. – 17. 10. 2012, Ravenna, Italy


September 15th, 2012
8.30 pm, free entrance

Z-BAR Bergstr. 2, 10115 Berlin

BELGIE art centre is pleased to present BELGIE NIGHT #2 at Z-Bar, September 15th, 2012. This is the second in a series of film – and video nights in which several international artists are presented in the cinema room and the café of Z-Bar and is taking place during the first BERLIN ART WEEK and the art fairs Preview, Liste, etc.
This BELGIE NIGHT will be showing the works of AES+F (RUS), Rebecca ARMSTRONG (USA) and Lauren Redhead (UK) , Dejan KALUDJEROVIĆ (SRB/AT), Alexei KOSTROMA (RUS), Stanislas LAHAUT (BE), Adam LEECH (USA), Bjorn MELHUS (DE), Michelle OWEN (AUS), Steve SCHEPENS (BE), Johan TAHON (BE), The After Lucy Experiment (BE) and Andy WAUMAN (BE)

an infraspecies exploration
Venue: Baba Vasa’s Cellar
Marica 22 Street
Shabla, Bulgaria
Opening: 10.08.2012
Curator: Axel Stockburger

Søren Engsted (DK)
Karine Fauchard (FR)
Julie Gufler (DK)
Jane Heiss (DE)
Nicolas Jasmin (FR)
Dejan Kaludjerovicć(AUT/RS)
Barbara Kapusta (AUT)
Isabella Kohlhuber (AUT)
Lazar Lyutakov (BG)
Johannes Porsch (AUT)
Franz Schubert (AUT)
Signe Ross (NZ)

In 1970 the Belgian concept artist Marcel Broodthaers decided to conduct an interview with a cat, asking numerous slightly esotheric questions about trends in the the art market and issues of aesthetics. Naturally the cat answered in her appropriate way, miaowing and purring after every question. Nearly thirty years later, the French Philosopher Jacques Derrida similarly positioned the encounter with a cat as an event signifying the complex relationship between human and animal. Following a scene where his cat observes him stepping out of the shower he asks: “before the cat that looks at me naked, would I be ashamed like an animal that no longer has the sense of nudity? Or on the contrary, like a man who retains the sense of his nudity? Who am I therefore? Who is it that I am (following)? Whom should this be asked of if not of the other? And perhaps of the cat itself? (Jacques Derrida, 1997).
These two positions became the starting point for the exhibition humanimals – an infraspecies exploration, which showcases a range of international artists who approach the emergence of the dividing line between human and animal. In his book “the open” Giorgio Agamben traces the history of the philosophical operation aimed at bringing about what it means to be human, a process he calls “the anthropological machine”. This process has seen many different stations, from Descartes characterisation of animals as mechanical entities lacking a soul, over Jakob von Uexkülls declaration of a multitude of different parallel lifeworlds, towards Donna Haraway’s notion of animals as “significant others”. The artists in humanimals – an infraspecies exploration engage with this “anthropological machine” according to their respective practices, ranging from photography over painting, drawing, video and installation.
About the curator:
Axel Stockburger is an artist and theorist who lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with Peter Weibel and holds a PhD from the University of the Arts, London. His films and installations are shown internationally. Among other projects he has initiated the independent art television channel TIV in Vienna in 1998 and collaborated on international projects with the London based media art group D-Fuse (2000-2004). At present he works as scientific staff member at the Department for Visual Arts and Digital Media / Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
Founded in 2002, «Baba Vasa’s cellar» is a non-commercial space for contemporary art, located in Shabla, a town in Northern Bulgaria with 4500 inhabitans. The 10 square meters of exhibition space are situated in the cellar of an old house and follow the architectonic principles of the white cube. «Baba Vasa’s cellar» exists due to the hospitality of an 82 years old woman and the entusiasm of a permanently growing group of artists from different nationalities. During its first 10 years of existence the Cellar presented works of over 30 artists and the yearly openings are supported by a garden party with DJ line.
«Baba Vasa’s Cellar» is not trying to be what it is not and doesn’t pretend of importance. The smallest space in a small provincial town in a small country searches for its public in the first place among the local people, speaks in dialect, works with tiny budget, improvises and enjoys the nature. The Cellar finds its satisfaction mainly in the pleasure of creating and amusing, not forgeting about the responsability of contributing in someones development and decentralising the still unshaped scene for contemporary art in the country.

Italia/Serbia: Crossing

18th & 19th of July 2012

Ana Adamović,
Dejan Kaludjerović, Iva Kontić,
Goran Micevski, Boba Mirjana Stojadinović,
Saša Tkačenko, Miloš Tomić, Karin Andersen,
Alberto Boccardi, Enrico Venturini, Valeria Borrelli

Dejan Kaludjerović 
- What Did Tomorrow Bring Us?

HDLU/ Galerija Karas, Zagreb

Opening: 26th of June 2012 at 19h

Galerija KARAS
Praška 4, Zagreb
T + 385 (0) 1 4811 561

tracing paper

Charim Galerie
Opening: 19 June 2012, 19h

20. Juni to 15. September 2012

Ivan Bazak -Erwin Bohatsch – Katharina Gruzei – Joe Hardesty – Franziska Klotz -
Moussa Kone – Dejan Kaludjerović – Nora Kurzweil – Roberta Lima – Paula Mueller – 
Robert Muntean – Chloe Piene – Daniel Pitín – Alfons Pressnitz – Hubert Scheibl -
Adriane Wachholz – Jens Wolf – Ralf Ziervogel

Charim Galerie
Dorotheergasse 12/1 
1010 Vienna

Megacool 4.0. Jugend und Kunst 
Mega cool 4.0 – youth and art

Künstlerhaus k/haus, Vienna, Austria

curated by Prof. Dr. Birgit Richard
Opening: 14. June 2012
Exhibition runs from June 15th until October 7th, 2012 at Künstlerhaus k/haus in Vienna, Austria

karlsplatz 5
1010 vienna

pen daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
thursdays until 9 p.m.

The exhibition at Künstlerhaus k/haus highlights the life worlds and creative productions of various youth cultures as reflected in international contemporary art.
”MEGACOOL 4.0 – Youth and Art” presents photographs, interactive installations, video art, paintings, street art and sculptures made by visual artists (incl. Erwin Olaf (Vermeer award laureate 2011), Charlie White, Rinneke Dijkstra and Slinkachu) from across Europe, Russia, China and the USA. The exhibition is supplemented by objects and everyday items from Jugendkulturarchiv Frankfurt and a focus on young art from Vienna (incl. an installation developed by wienxtra-medienzentrum in collaboration with youngsters).
”MEGACOOL 4.0″ presents fundamentally different types of youths: normal ones, assimilated hipsters, altar servers, drag kings, fat ones, thin ones, twins, celebrities, goths, hiphops, metalheads, ravers, cosplayers, avatars, aggressive girls. From installations such as “Mindless living” by LA Raeven and “Pitbull” by Martin Brand, Cao Fei’s “Cosplayer”, Andreas Gursky’s “Mayday I”, Michael Schmellings Serie “Atlanta HipHop” to Nan Goldin’s “Jimmy Paulette after the Parade”. The exhibits takes visitors on a visual foray through young people’s picturescapes and theme areas such as online cultures, light / dark, body and gender performances as well as their choreographies, fashion, games, sport and party. In addition to the fundamental questions in young people’s identity search, the creative minds of a generation are invited to take centre stage, those who use Web 2.0 platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, flickr, deviantart or animexx as a source of inspiration for aesthetic-creative experiments, explore creative freedom and produce new forms of art. “MEGACOOL 4.0” shows fundamentally different takes on “youth”, their movements, their poses, their objects and their fashion.

AES + F, Andreas Amrhein, Nadine Arbeiter, Petra Arnold, Aram Bartholl, Christian Bazant-Hegemark, Sabine von Bassewitz, Lars Borges, Martin Brand, Kimberly Clark, Robbie Cooper, Denis Darzacq, Diana Deu, Rineke Dijkstra, Dennis Dirksen , Ruud van Empel, Cao Fei, Franziska Fiolka, Matthias Fritsch, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Nan Goldin , Andreas Gursky, Cosima Hanebeck, Marlene Hausegger, Anna-Lena Heidrich, Olaf Heine, Max Holicki, Anna Jermolaewa, Dejan Kaludjerović, Sebastian Keitel, JK Keller, Angelika Loderer, Mark Leckey, Jocelyn Lee, Ulrike Lienbacher, Birte Svea Metzdorf, Matthias Meyer, James Mollison, Mareike Müller, Erwin Olaf, Ann-Sophie Paul, Hana Pesut, Jan Poppenhagen, Marion Poussier, Wendelin Pressl, Daniel Puhe, Jussi Puikkonen, L.A. Raeven, Birgit Richard, Römer & Römer, Rebecca Sampson, Michael Schmelling, Oliver Sieber, Carolin Simon, Katja Gunkel, Philipp Ries und Julia Thiemann, Sauli Sirviö, Slinkachu, Cornelia Sollfrank, Klara Petra Szabo, Alexander Tilgner, Albrecht Tübke, Ari Versluis, Ellie Uyttenbroek, Nadine Wagner, Andreas Weinand, Charlie White, Daniel Zerbst

Die Chic Boutique

Ausstellungsstrasse 53
1020 Vienna
21.April 2012 to 10.June 2012

Ovidiu Anton, Johanna Braun, Eva Chytilek, Emma Maud Corrall, Hélène van Duijne, Dejan Dukic, Chilo Eribenne, Karine Fauchard, Karin Ferrari, Denise Herz, Zorana Janjic, Christine Kofler, Kris Lemsalu, Lazar Lyutakov, Jakob Neulinger, Michael Niemetz, Parastu, Stefan Reiterer, Stefanie Sargnagel, Niki Weitzer
18.Mai: Filmabend
Ovidiu Anton, Eva Chytilek, David Eisl, Chilo Eribenne, Christian Falsnaes, Karin Ferrari,
Dejan Kaludjerović, Kris Lemsalu, Roberta Lima, David Roth, Marianne Vlaschits, …

Sofia City Art Gallery 
in collaboration with MUSA Museum Vienna and Institute of Contemporary Art Sofia presents:


Curators: Iara Boubnova and Roland Fink
14 March 2012 – 15 April 2012

opening March 13, Tuesday, 6 pm

The exhibition “Common History and Its Private Stories. Geschichte und Geschichten” is an attempt to honour the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall not so much as the main event of recent European history but as an event with massive implications; an event, which triggered a succession of political events with global impacts that are defining our lives in the last 20 years.
The exhibition was conceived on the basis of the collection of MUSA Museum Start Gallery Artothek in Vienna. It pays special attention to the typical for this institution ability to keep close track of the artistic production in Vienna. The defining principles of the museum collection form the basis of the exhibition – it is a composition of personal reactions on the changes; of individual political and social engagement with the process; of witness accounts, reflections, and self-analysis of
artists from various generations and background.
Due to the strong increase in dialogue and cooperation in the world of politics, business, art and culture, it has become necessary to readjust and fine-tune our attitude towards everything that is different. National and international aspects have been increasingly intermingled, public entities have been privatised – all these aspects have shaped the recent common history in Europe and beyond.
Common history tends to generalise matters, create myths and stereotypes. It needs a greater distance to finally calm down and be analysed. However, none of us who have witnessed and/or participated in the process have such a distance.
“We lack objectivity … but we still remember … we remember the rush of freedom, the fraternisation with former enemies, the experience of terrorist acts and violence. We are the ones who have both won and lost by the transformation from a society that was permanently confronted with shortcomings to a consumer society. Ours are the pains of the slow realisation – the realisation that freedom is not a habitual drug but a social contract with shared responsibilities. We are the ones who have travelled the way from a bipolar model of the world to a political world order to … well, to what?”
The exhibition deals with the common history all generations have experienced in the past 20 years. Each of these generations have their own traumas and have made their own experiences, observations and conclusions based on the constant daily comparison of “before” and “after” as well as “here” and “here”. The most obvious comparisons can be made between the Europe that was separated by the Iron Curtain and the European Union and its enlarged “family” of candidate
countries that are united by common political and economic interests.
The artists who present their works in the exhibition come from different countries and different cultural backgrounds, but they are all witnesses of the change, the transition, and the unification.
Roland Fink, curator of “Common History and Its Private Stories. Geschichte und Geschichten”: “Due to their experiences with the transition process the artists broach the issue how society deals with romanticised non-remembering and the reflexion on the phenomenon. Childhood memories, (outlived) traditions, desires, maintained legends and myths, and a search for orientation become instruments in the exhibition as well as objects of artistic analysis.”
The exhibition unites different approaches and ways of dealing with these transformation processes. “Common History and Its Private Stories. Geschichte und Geschichten” presents works of 30 artists.

Hildegard Absalon, Armin Bardel, Sabine Bitter/ Helmut Weber, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Libia Castro/ Ólafur Ólafsson, Josef Dabernig, Marianne Greber, Matthias Herrmann, Christine Hohenbüchler, Robert Jelinek, Anna Jermolaewa, Ulrike Johannsen, David Jourdan, Dejan Kaludjerović, Johanna Kandl, Martin Kitzler, Oleg Kulik, Marko Lulić, Ken Lum, Anna Meyer, Michail Michailov, monochrom, Lisl Ponger, Peter Sandbichler, Katharina Struber, Martina Stuffer, Magda Tothova, Gernot Wieland, Alexandra Zaitseva…

A catalogue about the exhibition is available in Bulgarian, English and German.

Indigo. Let’s start from this
(A small retrospective)

Mestna galerija Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Dejan Kaludjerović
03.02. – 24.02. 2012
curator: Petja Grafenauer


Gallery KCB, Belgrade’s Cultural Center

from 27. 01. 2012 – 20. 02. 2012.

Harun Farocki, Ulla von Brandenburg and Dejan Kaludjerović

The exhibition is part of the Prague Quadrennial Intersection and implemented with the support of
the program “Culture” of the European Commission.
Author of the project: Sodja Lotker, artistic director of Pracue Quadriennale.

Dejan Kaludjerović,
What Did Tomorrow Bring Us?
17. 01. 2012, 19h
‘Dienstag Abend’ von Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita
Ve.Sch – Verein für Raum und Form in der bildenden Kunst

Schikanedergasse 11, A-1040 Wien

Project “Europoly – The European Union Identity Trading Game” by Dejn Kaludjerović is shortlisted for Bank Austria Kunstpreises 2011

Donetsk goes Contemporary
Exhibition curated by Andrei Loginov and Steve Schepens for Donetsk Art Point, Donetsk, Ukraine.

The exhibition will open on 11.11.2011.
Dates 12.11.2011 – 12.12.2011

AES+F group, Blue Noses, Sergey Bratkov, Igor Gusev & Natascha Trandafir, Dejan Kaludjerović, Andrei Loginov, Matt Mullican, Franz Rodwalt, Liddy Scheffknecht,
Steve Schepens, Santiago Sierra, Vadim Vosters

Participating artists in art parcours in the city: 
Daya Cahen, Happy Famous Artists, Philip Grözinger, Clement Page

SCM and Art Point Donetsk are pleased to invite you to the press conference and opening of the exhibition Donetsk goes Contemporary, curated by Andrei Loginov and Steve Schepens. On the occasion of the exhibition a text is published by Dr. Ekaterina Rietz-Rakul.

FAST – International Festival of Contemporary Creation
Terni, Italy
from 15-Sep-11 to 25-Sep-11

Participating Artist in the Intersection program:

Dace Dzerina
Dejan Klaudjerović, Hans Rosenström
Joao Galante , Ana Borralho
Paul Divjak


Europaaeisches Forum Alpbach, Austria @ Otto-Molden-Foyer
18.08 – 03.09. 2011

For the last decade Dejan Kaludjerović has been preoccupied with childhood as a leitmotif in his paintings, drawings, photography and videos. A central theme in Kaludjerovic’s oeuvre is how we deal with the present and therefore how it manifests itself in the future. The artist strives to bring to our consciousness the choices we are making today and how they affect life that comes. The exhibition is curated by Walter Seidl and supported by ERSTE Foundation.
The exhibition will remain open until 3 September 2011.

EUROPOLY- The European Union Identity Trading Game
Serbian artist Dejan Kaludjerovic addresses the situation of European immigrants in an unusual manner. Kaludjerovic uses the well-known board game Monopoly to convey the problems and challenges faced by immigrants in Europe. In order to obtain Europoly citizenship and win the game, players not only have to apply for papers such as residence and work permits, but also have to invest in their position in society by buying different identities. Is your will to integrate enough to make you part of a country which is not your own? Or are fortune and money the pivotal factors which ultimately decide whether you will be a prostitute or a doctor?

Europaaeisches Forum Alpbach, Austria


opening: 27th of August at 8PM

Inaugural exhibition of Esc Art Centre in Lviv, Ukraine

23.07.-30.08.2011: Opening 23. July


AES+F (RUS), Daya Cahen (RUS), Philip Grözinger & Christian Pundschus (DE), Happy Famous Artists (BE), Dejan Kaludjerović (SRB/AUT), Andrei Loginov (BLR), Matt Mullican(USA), Clement Page (UK), Steve Schepens (BE)

Festival THEATERFORMEN Hanover

22. 06. – 03. 07. 2011

Brett Bailey, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Dejan Kaludjerović, Philippe Quesne, Anna Rispoli mit Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner, TricksterP, Béla Pintér und Compagnie,  Toshiki Okada – chelfitsch, Mokhallad Rasem, Monty, Philippe Quesne – Vivarium Studio, Massimo Furlan – Numéro 23Prod.,  Aitana Cordero – Het Lab Utrecht, Jetse Batelaan – TG Max, Yan Duyvendak, Omar Ghayatt and Nicole Borgeat, Lina Sanehand Rabih Mroué, Elevator Repair Service, Amir Reza Koohestani, Mehr Theatre Group, De Utvalgte,  Zachary Oberzan, Velma, hub:kunst.diskurs

Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space
16.06 – 26.06.2011
Intersection: Intimacy & Spectacle -undisciplined art inhabiting the very center of Prague in June 2011

Romeo Castellucci, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, Josef Nadj, Anna Viebrock, Till Exit, Nathaniel Mellors, Ana Borralho & João Galante, Markus Schinwald, Mareunrol’s, Brett Bailey, Hooman Sharifi,  Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Monika Pormale, Hans Rosenström, Josef Bolf, Guerra de la Paz, Monika Pormale, Terike Haapoja, Egon Tobiáš, Elevator Repair Service, Ioana Mona Popovici & Simon Vincenzi, Ulla von Brandenburg, Caroline Evans & Hansjorg Schmidt, Bohdan Holomízek & Eva Hrubá, Abbey Theatre, Harun Farocki, Dace Džerina,  Paul Divjak, Dejan Kaludjerović, Katerina Fojtíková, Tomáš Vanek, Tomáš Džadon, Pavla Sceranková, Dušan Záhoranský, Jan Haubelt, Ivars Gravleys, Petra Petiletá, Daniela Barácková, Vasil Artamonov, Alexey Klyuykov,  Alice Nikitinová, Tomáš Moravec, Matej Al-Ali, Jan Pffeifer, Jan Komárek,  Tomáš Svoboda, Stage Code & La grande bande, Handa Gote,  Jan Lepšík, Alice Nellis, Árpád Schilling, Krétakör, Claudia Bosse, theatercombinat

The Intersection project is organized by the Prague Quadrennial (CZ) in cooperation with New Theatre Institute of Latvia (LV) // Escrita na Paisagem Festival de Performance e Artes da Terra (PT) // the Victoria and Albert Museum (GB) // Kiosk (RS) // Krétakör (HU) // the National Theatre in Prague (CZ) // MiBAC-Direzione Generale per lo Spettacolo dal vivo (IT) // Kiasma Theatre, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (FI)

Following the Prague Quadrennial, during 2011 parts of the Intersection project will travel to Santacangelo (IT), Munich (DE), Évora (PT), Bergen (NO), Riga (LAT), Nitra (SK), Terni (IT), Belgrade (RS), Helsinki (FI), and Budapest (HU).

Artistic Director Sodja Lotker // Architect Oren Sagiv // Executive Director Daniela Parízková // Production Director Jakub Matejka
More information: 
http://www.intersection.cz /


Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania, Hobart, Australia
11/06/2011 – 10/07/2011

Dejan Kaludjerović, Claire Lambe, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Sally Rees, Noel Skrzypczak, Ben Terakes, Paul Emmanuel
curator: Sarah Jones

CAST Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

06. 03. – 03. 07. 2011.
400 Jahre Kinder im Porträt
Curators: Nicole Fritz and Hans-Peter Wipplinger

AES+F, Friedrich von Amerling, Sofonisba Anguissola, Monika Baer, Charles Beaubrun, Joan Mestre i Bosch, Antonio Carnicero, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Lovis Corinth, Gustave Courbet, Jim Dine, Cornelis Theodorus Marie Dongen, W[illem] van der Eertbruggen, Barbara Eichhorn,  Josef Engelhart, Manfred Erjautz, Peter Fendi, Judy Fox, Karin Frank, Johann Freund-Kampmann, Hans Frick, Peter Friedl, Marianna Gartner,  Gortzius Geldorp, Bruno Gironcoli, Adriaen Hanemann, Gottfried Helnwein, Uwe Henneken, Martin Honert, Franz Howanietz, Ursula Hübner, Christian Jankowski, Dejan Kaludjerović, Gustav Klimt, Ernst Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Käthe Kollwitz,  Elke Krystufek, Sir Thomas Lawrence, Marie Luise Lebschik, Franz Lenbach, Max Liebermann, Loretta Lux, Haruko Maeda, Maria Marshall, Micha Payer and Martin Gabriel, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Ernst Christian Moser, YoshitomoNara, Nicolas Neuchâtel, Emil Nolde,  Max Oppenheimer, Pablo Picasso, Gabriel Reinés Pocoví, Andrés López Polanco, Frans Pourbus the Younger,  LoisPregartbauer, Augustin Quesnel, Hans Rabeiler, Johann Gualbert Raffalt,  Diana Rattray, Matthias Ranftl,  Tobias Rehberger, Fideli Reinstadler, Johann Baptist Reiter, Joshua Reynolds, Anton Romako, Francisco Ignacio Ruiz de la Iglesia, Fumie Sasabuchi, Christian Schad, Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow, Egon Schiele, Markus Schinwald, Martin Johann Schmidt, Hans Schmidt