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Puzzle Cubes (2019)

Puzzle Cubes Ljubljana Conversations

Site-specific installation, six-channel sound, one-channel video, 

20 cubes, MDF, print, 1:33:29 hours 

The site-specific, six-channel sound installation Puzzle Cubes conceived for the exhibition Conversations: Ljubljanaat Tobačna 001, The Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Ljubljana is one of the site-specific installations from the series Conversations: Hula Hoops, Elastics, Marbles and Sand(2013–present), produced in different parts of the world.

Each installation is made in relation to the local site and accompanied with a sound piece emitted from 6 – 7 speakers (each speaker for the voice of one child); the children are narrating/answering questions about political issues such as social exclusion and inclusion, about foreigners, language, war, money, poverty.

This installation is made out of 20 puzzle cubes that put together make one of possible six images of beautiful landscapes. The artist exposespolitical landscapes framed by images of Slovenian natural treasures through which symptomatic details of an oppressive politics no longer remain hidden.Production: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. With the support of City of LjubljanaAustrian Cultural Forum, Ljubljana, and Wien Kultur.

Here you can hear/ see the entire sound installation in Slovenian  and Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles: