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The Inaugural exhibition ​of Esc Art Centre in Lviv

Ukraine 23.07.-30.08.2011: Opening 23. July

Participating artists: AES+F (RUS), Daya Cahen (RUS), Philip Grözinger & Christian Pundschus (DE), Happy Famous Artists (BE), Dejan Kaludjerovic (SRB/AUT), Andrei Loginov (BLR), Matt Mullican(USA), Clement Page (UK), Steve Schepens (BE). 

The range of the artists represented in this exhibition includes both internationally established as well as the young and hip. It is focused on video works to be shown in different locations in the city out of the context of the arts, namely in restaurants, shops, discotheques, etc. This inaugural exhibition does not have a theme and is nomadic in its representation.

With the support of the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Belgium, L’viv.
Esc would also like to thank Triumph Gallery and Volker Diehl Gallery.


ESc is a new art centre located in the city of Lviv, in the West of Ukraine. ES contemporary manifests most recent and future augmentations of the art world and of art theory to the broadest possible audience. The art centre focuses on visual arts on international level. It includes an apartment exhibition space, an open air parking lot as exhibition space and also occupies flat screen TVs throughout the city. The TVs will be screening videos and films during the day in stores, libraries, the academy, the university, etc. and at night in clubs and discotheques. The function of ESc is to get Lviv out of its slumbering cultural coma, to consult collectors and to manage lectures. The art centre will also host artist residencies. The aim is to cooperate with the foreign consulates, as well as the officials of the city of Lviv and the province of Galicia. Parallel the art centre aims to work together with different important museums in the city such as The Lviv Art Gallery and the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe. In 2012, ESc will be hosting a thematic exhibition dedicated to the UEFA European Football Championship and aims to consult the UEFA for a parcours of contemporary art and sport. 

ESc was founded by Dr. Ekaterina Rietz-Rakul (UA) and Steve Schepens (BE) in 2011 and is based in Lviv, Ukraine and Berlin, Germany. Dr. Ekaterina Rietz-Rakul is PhD in contemporary literature and Steve Schepens is a visual artist. They are co-authors and write for several international art magazines. Their book Contemporary Art Berlin was published in 2010 and Berlin…Aber Sexy in 2011. As curators they founded the collective APES and recently curated the Berlinaire exhibition in Belgium.

The art centre has an international board of advisors including art historians, art critics and museum curators such as Elena Sorokina, Harlan Levey, Volker Diehl and many more. It is chaired by Pavlo and Tajana Rakul.