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18.08 – 03.09. 2011
Europaaeisches Forum Alpbach, Austria `
@ Otto-Molden-Foyer
For the last decade Dejan Kaludjerovic has been preoccupied with childhood as a leitmotif in his paintings, drawings, photography and videos. A central theme in Kaludjerovic’s oeuvre is how we deal with the present and therefore how it manifests itself in the future. The artist strives to bring to our consciousness the choices we are making today and how they affect life that comes. The exhibition is curated by Walter Seidl and supported by ERSTE Foundation.
The exhibition will remain open until 3 September 2011.

EUROPOLY- The European Union Identity Trading Game
Serbian artist Dejan Kaludjerovic addresses the situation of European immigrants in an unusual manner. Kaludjerovic uses the well-known board game Monopoly to convey the problems and challenges faced by immigrants in Europe. In order to obtain Europoly citizenship and win the game, players not only have to apply for papers such as residence and work permits, but also have to invest in their position in society by buying different identities. Is your will to integrate enough to make you part of a country which is not your own? Or are fortune and money the pivotal factors which ultimately decide whether you will be a prostitute or a doctor?
Europaaeisches Forum Alpbach, Austria @ Otto-Molden-Foyer

opening: 27th of August at 8PM